About Kevin Benckendorf 

Kevin Benckendorf is a German photographer and traveler who has explored over thirty countries across five continents.

As a certified divemaster, Kevin has experienced first-hand the ocean’s incredible diversity. He has dived with thresher sharks in the Philippines, manta rays in Australia, and bull sharks in South Africa, amongst a plethora of other marine wildlife.

He has been traveling full-time for over two years and has picked up a deep appreciation for different cultures, flora, and fauna along the way. Since then, he has had profound moments observing nature’s most vulnerable populations, such as trekking with wild orangutans in Indonesia and capturing the wide variety of lemur species in Madagascar.

Kevin worked as a physiotherapist before deciding to pursue his passions for traveling and photography. His motivation as a wildlife photographer comes from a desire to raise awareness for the preservation of biodiversity and life that inhabits our beautiful planet.

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